Fool in the wild summer retreat

‘Forget time and live now’

July 2 – 7th, 2017, Toy Viam - France

Fool in the Wild Summer Retreat offers a deep experience to live in the present and to do this with a special emphasis on our relationship with nature.

The Fool is an archetype, an idea, that invites us to live in trust and full awareness of our body, thoughts and feelings. Then we can relate to others and all that surrounds us with curiosity and spontaneity. We expand our capacity to live with depth and authenticity.

We approach the fool in this retreat through play, improvisation, clowning, voice work, movement and meditation. Whether this is the first time you explore the fool, or not, the Fool in the Wild Summer Retreat will be totally unique. As it is in the not knowing that the magic often appears, no one needs to prepare or have done this before.

 This 5-day flow of workshops, community and alone time in beautiful nature gives you the chance to unwind, connect and live into your inner fool, to live in presence 24 hours a day. So, if you desire more freedom in your body, or voice or in your relating to others or to nature you will receive much.

A little more detail of the overlapping and interweaving elements of the retreat to give you a flavour:

Play - capacity for pleasure, joy, not knowing, innocence, risk, diversity, wonder.

 Clowning – embodied, noticing, acceptance, heart, simple, unique, vulnerability, new, pleasure, essence.

Presence - unfolding, curiosity, including, movement, silence, sensitivity, awareness, noticing the group field.

Voice – grounding, pleasure, discovery, meditation, exploring edges, feeling, integration.

Meditation – allowing everything to be as it is, doing nothing, being the space, silence, sometimes guided, sound meditation, movement meditation.

Authentic relating – curiosity, sensation, opening, grounding, appreciation, self-care, being met, seeing others.

Nature – pristine wild forest, opening the senses, receiving, listening, appreciation, vision quest, water, air, animals, birds, insects, sun, wind, deepening, innocence, respect.

        Leading style – Angela brings a life time of leading workshops and draws on appropriate exercises and         processes or creates new ones. She follows the energy of the group in relationship and trust that together with Presence we have the intelligence, power and love to guide the entire process perfectly.

The schedule: 

Arrival on Sunday 2nd of July

Ø program starts on Sunday at 4 p.m and continues till Friday 4 p.m

Departures on Saturday 8th July. 

Each day will include a morning and afternoon session. There will be a break in the middle of the day to walk, swim (there is an indoor pool) and relax. Some days this will be a silent break to deepen the work and give you more time to integrate your experience. Evenings hold possibilities for meditation, storytelling, fire, ceremony and sweat lodge and these will form  or not as we go. The last evening will be a celebration party.

Course leader: 

Angela Halvorsen Bogo is a professional storyteller, clown, director and trainer.  Forty years ago, she began training in improvised, physical theatre and continued with several years of clowning, circus, dance and singing.

She was apprenticed to a Master storyteller of the indigenous Scottish Travelling People for many years and was based in Scotland for the first twenty years of her professional work.

For three decades, Angela has been learning from the ‘fool’ archetype, leading residential courses and retreats that assist people in becoming authentic, surrendered and connected.

Wherever possible she works in co-operation with nature and is in an ever deepening process of appreciation and awe at what we meet when we open to the elements of nature. 

Since 2012 she has also specialised in the delicate work of clowning for dementia patients. She trains other clowns in this work and brings its core principles to health personnel working in dementia care. She currently lives beside the Oslofjord in Norway and has, so far, taken her work to 34 other countries.

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The fee for the week is € 695 . This includes tea/coffee/water in all breaks. 

!!! Early Birds book before 1/4/2017 and pay € 495 !!!!


Residential stay is possible in 3 formulas:

·        Option 1:  € 293 (€55/day + arrival evening and departure morning)

You stay in the Gite of the genetouse, in a two persons room with you own bathroom.  All meals are included!!

Only 6 spots available!!!

·        Option 2: € 240 (€45/day + arrival evening and departure morning)

You stay in a tent with camping bed.  All meals included

·        Option 3: €175 (€35/day)

You stay in a B&B in the neighbourhoud or in ‘Camping aux portes des mille sources’,  down the hill

You only take lunch and dinner with us

Contact us if you need help!

If you want to register fort his retreat, you need to make an advance payment of  €300.  Please be sure to pay the entire fee by June 15th (end of registration).  However, do not book your travel until we confirm your registration! 

Getting there:

Limoges is the capital of the French region of Limousin and of the département Haute-Vienne. 

You can get to Limoges from Orléans on the French A20/E9 Highway.

You can easily get to Limoges by TGV, and from there you can get a connection to Bugeat where you will be picked up by car. 

People from abroad can fly to Aéroport International Limoges.  It has connections with London, Brussels and other major cities.  At the airport you can take the direct train to Bugeat. You will be picked up there by car.  You can also rent a car at the airport.

You can also fly lowcost with Ryan-air,  to Brive Airport  (120 km from Toy Viam).  There you can rent a car.  You can also take a taxi to the trainstation Brive-la-Gaillarde and take a train to Bugeat via Limoges.  (it has departures hourly). 


LocationLa Genetouse  19170 Toy-Viam France

‘La ferme de la Genetouse’ covers an area of 76 hectares, bathed in the tranquillity and beauty of mysterious nature, located in the ‘Parc Natural Régional de Millevaches’ in the heart of the Limousin, at an altitude of 690m in the village of Toy-viam.  The extensive forests, home to a wide variety of wildlife, invite us to be still and to witness the beauty of nature.


For more practical information on the workshop:

Please contact or call Alexander Verstaen on +32 (0)498 481 849  

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